Our Product

Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator

Model:-INC 200

Manufacture:-Phoenix Medical Systems


The Phoenix INC 200 has been engineered for reliability so that the baby is as safe inside it as in the mother’s womb. It is equipped to meet any situation arising in neonatal care, making it vital equipment in the NICU.

This equipment is compact. At the same time, its construction is sturdy. It is user-friendly, and it has an aesthetic appearance.



  • Clear all round visibility
  • Double-wall canopy to reduce heat loss
  • Unique Slide doors opening from both sides
  • Built-in weighing scale
  • Temperature (Skin & Air), Servo
    Humidity and Servo oxygen controls
  • 7” Color touch-screen
  • Motorized bed tilting and vertical
    adjustment from both sides
  • Trend display for temperature,
  • humidity and SpO2
  • Convenient drawer
  • Rotatable bed
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Acrylic HOOD: The transparent hood and
    unobstructed view of the newborn from all